An innovative integration of blockchain and education industry

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EduShare Platform

EduShare is a blockchain project for the educational industry. While not all industries can implement blockchain, technological improvements can revolutionize the educational industry.

  • EduShare

    Content DAPP

  • EduFund

    Student Crowdfunding

  • EduInsure

    Student Insurance

  • EduShare

  • EpaaS

    Blockchain Platform

  • EduAsk

    Blockchain Q&A

  • EduLend

    Student Lending

Platform Structure

Example of how EduShare’s blockchain can be used in a private manner by educational institutions. We plan to operate this service in form of a Baas. Within our ecosystem, this will be named “EPaaS”. (Educational Platform as a Service)

  • Blockchain based DID

  • Blockchain based student record system

  • Smart contracts to faciliate attendance and credits

  • Using blockchain, issue immutable certificates

  • Companies can verify potential employee’s records

Online Courses

Token Allocation

  • Service (40%)
  • Team (20%)
  • Sale (2%)
  • IEO (10%)
  • Partner (10%)
  • Advisor (10%)
  • Bounty (10%)

EduShare Blockchain

Token Symbol EDS
Initial Circulation 200,000,000
Block Generation 3 second
Block # (1 yr) 10,512,000
Consensus Algorithm DCP



EDS Point

Point System

Online Courses


  • 2019 Q3:

    • Market Research
    • Blockchain Development
  • 2020 Q2:

    • Exchange Listing
    • Application Beta
  • 2020 Q3:

    • Mainnet Release
    • EpaaS Platform